What clients are saying...

Stepping on the scale after crazy Covid in December 2021, I blew up to 241 lbs, thinking I was around 210 lbs, so knew immediately a lifestyle change had to be made, fast. Hearing all the successes our good friend Kate (Keto With KateO) has had triggered a quick consultation with her before heading to Florida in January 2022.

Her Keto for Dummies version was to start out eliminating carbs and sugars from my diet, so that's what I did, and I absolutely loved starches. She said to closely look at ingredients and nutrition labels, again which I did and could not believe what I had eaten for decades with no regard, hence the road to 240 lbs!

A month into it, I was very satisfied eating protein and never felt hungry, and I'd say a few months after that, cravings for "junk" food were gone and I was perfectly content eating meat, eggs, cheeses, seafood, and some salads and veggies.

Kate was always a text message away when I needed some direction, not to mention super helpful in providing knock off options to dearly missed foods, Fat Head" pizza, ice cream, chocolate, along with Keto-friendly wraps and rolls.

Kate knows her stuff, and explains clearly how things impact the Keto process, so you learn a lifestyle, not just a diet.

Results,18 months after starting: dropped 65 pounds, now just about 175 lbs, and that involves exercise that I became obsessive at because I felt so much better, average 14 miles a day on bike 6 days a week, lift free weights every other day, and walk regularly.

Thanks for all your help Kate, I bet you added decades to my life expectancy with getting me out of the gate sweet and simple, then helping and supporting me along the way, that is if no one takes me out when riding my bike. Before and after pics, 18 months later!

Spencer - Before Spencer - After

- Spencer G.

I never thought I'd try keto. It seemed too limiting and difficult, I didn't have any big health concerns, and I love to bake. Then some research came out about the effects of ketosis and reversing progression of PKD, a hereditary kidney disease that my husband has, and I decided to try it with him for moral support.

With Kate's help, we had none of the typical struggles that many people have when they begin keto: we didn't have to experience keto flu, we didn't struggle with what to eat, she helped inform adjustments of my husband's medications (which were able to be lowered pretty early on), and within a month we were both in ketosis and had easily adapted to a new way of cooking delicious, satisfying food.

Seven months in now, I no longer get migraines, which I've struggled with for over a decade despite trying literally everything that my own Naturopathic training had to offer. My body feels more like it did ten years ago before having children, I can put in long hours in the garden without feeling fatigued, I can hike steep terrain without getting winded, I feel strong and adaptable and clear headed. I feel like there is less overall inflammation in my body, something I hadn't even noticed was there until it was gone. But most impactful of all, my menstrual cycle now comes without cramps, without soreness or tenderness, and without the several day long debilitating migraines that had become unavoidable the last few years.

I thought I was just going along for a temporary ride to be a supportive partner, but I got so much more, and am so grateful for the impact of this lifestyle change on my life. And I still get to be an avid baker! Kate helped me find the keto baking recipe book of my dreams and is the biggest supporter of all my experiments and breakthroughs in the kitchen, from savory fat bombs to six layer rainbow birthday cakes, and beyond...

- Jill T.

I started with Kate in August of 2021 with three kids, one of whom was an infant and I was very overwhelmed in general to say the least. I knew I needed to do something for me, so I could be a healthy mom for them. I had attempted keto several times in the past and always failed. Kate changed my life. She helped me navigate through the transition in such a way that I look back and don’t remember it ever being “difficult”. I always think of her saying, you can eat whatever you crave, “just make it keto”. I’ve had a lot of fun with that thought process creating recipes, enjoying delicious food while losing 70 lbs in under a year! This will be my lifestyle forever because of her and I can’t say enough about her as a coach! I highly recommend working with her.

- Marlena E.

At the end of December of 2022, I had a scheduled physical with my PC. Dreading the bloodwork results I had hoped my trying to eat somewhat proper a week before would mask my poor diet and lifestyle... naturally it did not. The office weigh-in was a depressing 222lbs. After more bloodwork and liver ultrasounds, she decided I needed to go on Metformin. I made up my mind then and there I was going to try and fix this without resorting to meds.

I initially decided no more junk (sugar, salty snacks etc. etc.) This only helped so much and I had bouts of dizziness & just not feeling well. I decided to reach out to Kate for just some food ideas, but after texting back and forth with Kate, she agreed to coach me. Just the offer alone brought my spirits up.

Her knowledge on nutrition is truly amazing! She immediately helped me set up macros on an app after an intake to monitor my meals & exercise routine. She is so dedicated to achieving goals for her clients, as if they were her goals 😊! I always get great information/guidance from Kate. Her passion for this work is outstanding. I honestly don’t think I could have reached my goals without Kate as my guide, mentor educator & coach 😊

From 222lbs in early January to 159lbs on May 27... I've reached several goals! Love my coach!

Health: 1. Diabetes: 0.

- Jay B.

Turning 60, and bouncing back from breast cancer, had me at a loss as to what to do with what had happened to my body. Emotionally and physically I was at an all time low when I started talking with Kate about my struggles with my body and overall health. Well, those conversations and subsequent actions have turned it all around! Kate introduced me to Keto and a way of life that has literally saved mine. I wasn't just another statistic to Kate. She talked with me about my goals, my habits, and my limitations and THEN came up with a plan made for ME. Her steady, non-judgmental approach ~ coupled with extensive medical knowledge, guided me into a lifestyle that I enjoyed and finally felt healthy in. Her steady support, whether emails or texts, in regard to any question or concern I had, made me know that while I was ultimately responsible for my choices, I was not alone! Taking back control of my body has been the greatest gift I have ever known and I have Kate to thank for it.

- Jenn W.

I started Keto the week before COVID-19 shut everything down. I remember talking with Kate about why I could not do keto, why it was dangerous. Really it was just any excuse that I could come up with. She talked me through all of my excuses, and I started mid-March and today I am 80 pounds (and counting) lighter! But what you can not see is how much better I feel. I am speaking not only physically but also mentally. Kate helped me through COVID-19 when I couldn't find much at the grocery store. Without Kate as my coach I don't think I would be where I am today. I highly recommend her to anyone I speak to about this way of life. I even have a few friends who have also hired her to coach them too. Keto has changed my life and I am no longer pre-diabetic!

- Patrick H.

I worked with Kate through my high risk pregnancy. I was 45 at the time and had several miscarriages prior to this pregnancy. I had been working with another keto coach who didn't feel comfortable coaching me through the pregnancy and recommended working with someone who had nursing experience. This is how I found Kate. I really appreciated that she provided recipes, researched my vitamins & supplements, made her own recommendations, and followed up each week with me. Kate checked in after each prenatal appointment and really helped me navigate the diabetes testing. I wound up testing blood sugar daily for a month & she had insight into my blood sugar numbers. She also tracked my weight and helped me avoid gaining too much. Anyone in search of a keto coach would be blessed to work with Kate. She's very thorough and knowledgeable. She takes her clients seriously! I really appreciate all the research and time she put into my keto pregnancy. I recently heard a podcast with an obgyn who described the importance of critical vitamins, minerals, & supplements. I was grateful to realize that every single one, Kate suggested during my pregnancy! I had an easy keto pregnancy & have a healthy baby now. Many thanks Kate!

- Kristi C.

I started Keto 6 months ago. With the help of Kate’s coaching, I have lost 16 pounds as well as multiple inches! I took all of the supplements she recommended and did not experience any leg cramps or Keto flu. If you are thinking of hiring a coach, you won’t find one better than Kate. She is passionate and knowledgeable about helping people. She’s the best!

- Jodi H.

In mid-May, I knew that I had reached a point where my weight was continuing uphill and my health downhill. As a 66-year-old grandmother of five (newborn to six years old) I had to do something to get in better shape to be able to play with my grandchildren. I’ve done almost every diet known to mankind (and some more than once) but through a bunch of research I thought Keto could possibly be the one for me. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone, so I reached out to Kate O’Connor to see if she’d be my coach. As an RN, she was able to answer all the questions I had about Keto and health, Keto and macros, Keto and cooking, and Keto and living. During the first month, I hit her with all sorts of questions, and she had answers for all of them. She was completely encouraging and gave me all kinds of information and support. I love to cook and luckily for me, eating home prepared whole foods is how I’ve stayed on track. I am now in the middle of my fifth month living the Keto lifestyle. I am not bored, I am not hungry, and with Kate as my coach, I even went through three weeks of west coast and Hawaii vacation, and lost 4 pounds! Yes, that included eating out (and even a few cocktails here and there). I have lost 35 lbs. to date and have another 30 or so to go. Kate has helped me to figure out how to make Keto a lifestyle, not a diet. The upcoming holidays DO NOT scare me. I know there is food that I love that I can fit into a holiday meal, and I won’t be hungry. I whole-heartily recommend Kate O’Connor as a personal Keto coach. Thanks Kate!

- Wendy S.

Over the years, the pounds slowly accumulated. I had tried many diets and pills to try to lose the weight. Nothing worked or was sustainable. I had heard about low-carb diets, but did not really understand the science behind it. That all changed when I contacted Kate, a certified Keto coach. Kate explained the science behind eliminating carbs (sugars) and how that affects your body. Kate opened my eyes to hidden sugars in so many foods that I had been consuming for years. With her guidance, I purged my cabinets of unhealthy foods, made a new grocery list and began my journey. My husband also decided to become healthier and joined me on this new path. We have both lost 25 lbs. in the past 7 months! My energy level has increased, my mind is clearer, and the joint pains I’ve had for years are gone! Kate has answered any questions I’ve had along the way. She not only shares knowledge, but recipes as well and is unbelievably supportive! I highly recommend anyone wishing to be healthier to contact Kate!"

- Susan B.